Want answers to questions like:

“How do I use Social Media for getting new customers?”

“What should I post on my social profiles?”

“What are the best social media marketing tools?”

“How do I optimize my social profiles?”

Our Mission: Put Social Media To Work For You

After years of receiving countless questions about how to market and promote online, Founder Gene Altman decided to create and giveaway a Social Marketing Planner to assist entrepreneurs, small businesses and other professionals needing help with their online marketing efforts.  Having previously owned and operated a successful technology firm for 11 years, Gene understood the importance of keeping current with web based technologies and also knew that staying on-top of the continuously changing online marketing industry was a full time job in itself.  Gene made it his goal to create a simple system that would save people time, help them stay organized and focused on what works today for online marketing.  “The Social Marketing Planner” and “Social Update System” were born.  Next, a better process for monitoring the web daily for social network changes, new tools, and strategies to leverage those changes was created.  Then relationships with specific technology providers was established to help continuously update the new system.

Now, people wanting to grow a large audience of potential buyers using social media, have a simple plan to follow.  They can download the free Social Marketing Planner, checkout top performing tools and resources of social media marketing and insure they are taking advantage of the most powerful and recent social media strategies available today by getting the Social Update System.