Social Network Tip

It’s not always about Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and the other big boys on the block. Depending on your industry, being the first to establish a strong presence on an up and coming social network or app can have a positive impact on your business.

How To Find Them

You can setup simple Google Alerts for terms like “new social app”, “new social network”, “new social media site”, “social media site launched”, “social app launched”, and other relevant phrases. Watch for the launch of social networks that are relevant to your industry.

An Example

In this example, let’s say you sell image or video editing software. Well you might be interested in a new Social App created by DJI (Done Manufacturer) that is designed for Drone Photographers. Establishing a strong presence on a social media network like this would allow you to connect with a very targeted audience that you know takes aerial photos and video.

What You Can Do

In this example you could connect with people on the new social app.  Create and share simple demo videos of your product editing aerial photos or videos then share with your new social connections. Position your image/video editing software as the “go to” or “must have” software for enhancing your aerial photographs and video.