Below are the same steps we take when setting up a “NEW” online presence (website and social profiles). There are additional items like competitive research and social analysis which you can learn more about with our Social Update System and our Social Media Marketing Plan (download from our home page).

This post simply lays out “what you need to get up and running fast“. 

  1. Domain Name – We prefer GoDaddy for purchasing domains as they have one of the easiest to navigate admin panels and offer incredibly low pricing. Here are some tips when registering your domain name.
    • If possible, keep your domain name relevant to your business or industry.
    • Shorter the better.
    • No numbers or dashes
    • Make it easy to remember
    • Traditionally .COM .ORG & .NET TLD “top level domains” are preferred, but as you’ll see there are numerous options now.  Choose what best suits your business or website type.
  2. Web Hosting –  While you could select a web hosting plan with GoDaddy during the checkout process, there are several other website hosting companies we feel provide better-hosting services. We and many of our clients have had excellent results using InMotion Hosting.  We prefer InMotion because they provide in house 24/7 support, they have a reliable network, fast servers, and excellent pricing.
    • If you’re just getting setup, you can start with basic business hosting plan (pro plan recommended if using a shared business hosting plan).
    • If you need additional speed, resources, and flexibility, we recommend getting one of their VPS “virtual private servers”.
  3. WordPress –  For most sites we recommend using WordPress (if not for your entire website, at least, use it for your blog).  Many web hosting companies (like InMotion) have a 1 or 2 click WordPress installation process.  Wordpress has its own infamous 5-minute install, which is easy if you’re technical. Please note that this is a manual process.
  4. Business Social Media Profiles –  Visit the home page of Social Marketing Planner, then share and download the free Social Media Marketing Planner.  On the “step 1 setup” tab of the spreadsheet, there are buttons directing you to the locations where you can set up business profiles on all the top social networks.  While you should only focus your social marketing efforts on 1 or 2 social networks in the beginning, you should still establish a brand / business presence on each of these top social networks:
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • LinkedIn
    • Google+
    • YouTube
  5. Uniformity – Make sure you’re using the same tagline, bio, contact info, logo, cover graphics and overall theme on your website and social media profile(s).  If a visitor goes to and from your website and social media profiles, they should all be clearly branded the same.
  6. Email AutoResponder – We use MailChimp however, there are other great autoresponders like Aweber, InfusionSoft, Constant Contact, etc.  Why do you need this?  Simple.  Building a subscriber list allows you to quickly and easily connect with people interested in what you do, offer and provide.  Some people prefer connecting with you via social networks while others want to hear from you directly.  Don’t worry, in the integration step, this process is automated.
  7. Integration – Having your website/blog, email autoresponder and your social networks properly integrated will save you hours of time in the long run.  Many companies have their blog automatically feed into either their email system and or social profiles.
  8. Test Everything – Before you go pulling the trigger, inviting people to check out your new web presence, make sure everything looks and functions well.
  9. Add Power – We did say “powerful web presence”… When thinking about your ideal customers main need, requirement and problem, make sure the graphics and text within the top of your website and social media profile clearly touch upon this, then position your brand as the solution while providing a CTA “clear call to action”.

If this sounds confusing, too technical or you don’t have the web savvy resources to accomplish, we do offer a fast track setup your entire web presence.

We take care of things like:

  • Pointing your domain to your website host.
  • Installing WordPress
  • Setup your basic website and blog
  • Configure Basic WP SEO settings
  • Configure Basic WP general settings
  • Setup Facebook Business Page
  • Setup Pinterest Business Page
  • Setup Google+ Business Page
  • Setup Twitter Business Profile
  • Install Google Analytics on WordPress
  • Setup MailChimp Autoresponders
  • ConfigureMailChimp Lists
  • Install One MailChimp Opt-in Email Form on WordPress
  • Configure WordPress RSS/Feed to MailChimp Subscribers or
  • Configure WordPress to Autopost to your Social Media Profiles
  • Configure your Instagram to auto post to your Facebook Business Page
  • Configure your Instagram to auto post to Twitter Business Profile
  • Configure your Instagram to auto post to Pinterest Business Board
  • Several other items not listed as the this varies per customer requirements

Contact us for more details about this service.