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What are the new Social Media image sizes?

Click here: 2016 Social Media Profile Image Sizes – see a detailed chart showing the profile, cover and post images sizes for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

Which Social Network Should I Market On?

You need to go where you target audience is. Our “Social Update Service” will show  you how to perform social media audience research. This quick and simple research will help you identify specifically where your preferred or target audience is hanging out online. This will enable you to connect with them. Finding relevant groups and profiles within each network that have large and engaged people is key. For Branding purposes, we highly recommend you create an appropriate profile and establish a professional presence on all of the major social networks.

Do I Need A Website To Get Started?

No, absolutely not. While having a website (specifically a Blog) will significantly help with your social media content marketing, it’s not a requirement to get started. You can create a business profile on any social network, start posting, sharing and growing a large following now.

Do I Have To Run Paid Ads?

No, however paid advertising on social networks like Facebook is a great way to gain instant exposure, but is not a requirement. Connecting and jumping into relevant conversations taking place right now in popular groups, profiles, pages, etc. is a great way to get moving in the right direction.

When Are The Best Times To Post On Social Media

To see the best times to post on your preferred social network, grab a free account. Once you connect your social media account(s) Buffer has an awesome feature that shows you the best times of day/night to post that receive the highest social engagement.  Many marketers go back and forth on wether there “is” or “is not” better times to post.  The short answer, is if you’re targeting a specific time zone, go for around 7am, noon and 6pm when you first start testing.  Many people tend to check social media accounts before and after work, and on their lunch.

How Do I Auto Post From My Blog To Social Profiles

This depends on what type of blog you are running and which social networks you want to post to. There are also several ways to do this, again depending on how your blog is setup. If you have a WordPress based blog installed on your website you may consider using a plugin like ““. They have an excellent WordPress plugin for automating your WP posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other Social Networks. There are other Social Media automation tools that also allow RSS to Social Profile posting.  Another free online resources growing in popularity is “If This Then That”.  A great free online resources for automating many internet based tasks (like auto-posting from your blog to social media profile).

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